Player Development Pathway – NNHSoccerClub


Northern NH Soccer Club recognizes that the game of soccer attracts ‘all comers’, and strives to provide a place for every players needs; whether a ‘recreational player for life‘, or a ‘Peak Performer‘ heading to college, NNHSC has a program to suit your needs.

Peak Performer…

  • Soccer is #1 sport.
  • Plays and trains at least 8 months each year.
  • Displays a ‘Positive Mental Attitude‘ (PMA) at all times.
  • Always arrives early.
  • Never misses training.
  • Never misses a game.
  • 100% focused during training.
  • Excels as a player during training sessions and games.
  • Makes players around them better.
  • Constantly working on their game.
  • Displays leadership qualities ON and OFF the field.
  • ‘Watches’ soccer regularly on TV.
  • Has college aspirations.

Advanced Club Player

  • Willing to travel for advanced trainings.
  • Shows leadership aspirations.
  • Trains hard and plays hard.
  • Seldom misses trainings or games.
  • Always on time.
  • Coachable.
  • Shows improvement over time.
  • GREAT teammate.
Rising Club Player…

  • Enjoys playing the game of soccer.
  • Enjoys playing on a team.
  • Wants to improve their game.
  • Shows 100% effort during trainings.
  • Willing to travel to away games.
  • Attends at least 50% of training sessions for one whole year.

Recreational Player

  • Enjoys team sports.
  • Enjoys physical exercise.
  • Brings/wears correct equipment to practice.
  • Attends games/trainings if available.
  • Likes playing multiple sports.
  • Listens well.
  • Prefers to stay local.